Financial Institution FAQ
Not all rewards programs are equal! Choosing the right rewards platform can mean the difference in rewards program success or failure. To ensure success, ask the tough questions ahead of time. Here are some common questions we receive:

How difficult is it to claim rewards?

Cardholders love the simplicity of Buzz Points! There's no separate membership card or to keep up with, they simply earn points on every purchase, everywhere they shop, even online.

How does it benefit local businesses?

While cardholders earn points for every purchase, they earn DOUBLE the points when buying local. Plus, their points are worth more when redeemed at locally-owned businesses. This local component sets Buzz Points apart from other programs, and gets cardholders excited about it!

Will it require much of my staff's valuable time?

No. Buzz Points does it all for you! We handle consumer questions and support, and we provide marketing collateral. We even provide ongoing marketing that promotes engagement in the program. We've got everything covered, allowing your resources to focus on other initiatives.

How can I use Buzz Points to cross-sell our other products?

This is another advantage of Buzz Points over other programs. It gives you a currency to incentivize cardholders. Reward them with points for enrolling in e-statements, applying for a credit card, refinancing an auto loan from another institution; the sky's the limit!

How much breakage is needed to achieve profitability?

None. Other programs rely on breakage to be profitable, resulting in unhappy cardholders. We actively encourage cardholders to redeem all of their points, creating a great experience!

Is the pricing complicated?

Absolutely not. You pay one low price per enrolled cardholder. It's crystal clear, and the best in the country.

Do I pay for the rewards?

Buzz Points holds all point liability, meaning you don’t pay a thing when customers redeem points.We offer marketing programs for local merchants and optional marketing opportunities for financial institutions, both of which combine to create a superior cardholder experience while offsetting the cost of rewards.

Can I make our program earn rewards only on signature-base transactions?

We've learned that this leads to failure. More cardholders prefer PIN, so they'll simply use another financial institution's card instead of yours. Plus, it's an uphill battle. Every big bank (which earns more profit on PIN post-Durbin) and every retailer are encouraging consumers to use PIN.

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