Case Study: Using Gamification to Incentivize Profitable Behavior
Every community bank and credit union would welcome more non-interest income. And probably every financial institution has tried marketing campaigns to make their debit card top-of-wallet for more interchange revenue — often with lackluster results.
This case study details a methodical engagement campaign that used "gamification" to influence cardholder behavior. Using intelligent data analytics, the campaign was tailored to each individual cardholder.
Here's a sneak peek at the eye-opening results:
  • Nearly a quarter of all cardholders were influenced to generate significant interchange increase
  • Core participants increased monthly debit transactions by 20
  • This profitable lift is sustaining months after the campaign ended
The campaign was successful across credit unions and community banks of all sizes. The case study includes details on execution, over a dozen performance metrics, and an appendix of five charts.
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