2017 is the year to reward yourself! Make the most of your Buzz Points account by using your Buzz Points-enrolled card everywhere you shop. Before you know it, you'll have enough points for a reward.

Log in to Buzz Points via web or mobile to view your current point balance, browse Preferred Local Businesses, and see what great rewards you may be eligible for!

How to Claim a Reward

1. Log into your Buzz Points account via web or mobile, and click 'Rewards.'

2. Browse the rewards that are available to you. Remember, a local reward "costs" less points to redeem, making this a better deal for you!

3. Select a reward that you have enough points for, being sure to view the terms and agreements.

4. Then your reward will be on its way! Local rewards are instantly delivered via email. National gift cards are processed via email (5-7 days), or by USPS (2-4 weeks).