It‘s Time To Reward Yourself
Buzz Points is a free rewards program that works everywhere you use your debit or credit card. That means points now, rewards later.
As Easy As 1-2-3

Join Buzz Points through a local bank or credit union
Earn points on every purchase and more for shopping local
Redeem for rewards or donate to charity

Shop Local for Greater Rewards
By shopping at locally owned businesses over big-box retailers, you support your friends and neighbors. You keep up to 58% more profit in your community. And you earn points faster! Here‘s how.
Points Rewards Offers Loyalty

With Buzz Points, you earn points everywhere you shop. Receive 2x the points when you choose locally owned businesses over national chains.


Before you know it, you'll be eligible for a reward. Redeem for gift cards to local or national businesses, travel discounts, cash back, or donate to charity.


Gain access to exclusive offers from Preferred Local Businesses. Stay in the loop through our web and mobile platforms. Save your favorite offer and get notified when you walk through the door.


Are you a “regular” somewhere? Start a virtual punch card at a Preferred Local Business and earn extra perks for being loyal.

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